Mastering The Ultimate Success Formula

My book “The Ultimate Success Formula”  is based upon the principles I teach in my live three and four-day events, which are experiential and transformational. And if you apply the principles in this book, it will change your life.

But I want you to also know that a book can only take you so far, because you’re reading and you’re hearing it in your voice and you’re making conjecture and perceiving the material in certain ways based upon your belief system and your conditioning. Your subconscious mind was probably programmed in a way that is counter to many of the principles, which you’ll be exposed to in the book. So while you want to obtain the positive results you may encounter resistance based on your habitual thinking process and not follow through.

Think about it… why do you get a textbook in school but still need to go to class and have a teacher to explain and demonstrate the material… so you really get it, right? So that a credible authority figure, the teacher, could explain things to you and help you to register and accept new concepts that may run counter to what you learned growing up. Why would it be any different or less important in the most important areas of your life like success, wealth and happiness?

That’s why I do live events; they simulate a deep-dive of what you’d learn in the classroom in a whole semester compressed into 3 or 4 days! So the value of live events is absolutely huge. Now I know that a lot of people say “My Gosh, I don’t have a thousand dollars to go to a live event, plus the air fare, and the hotel and all the extra expenses.” So I’ve done something spectacular for you, I have taken the information, the coaching and training that I do in these live events, and I’ve synthesized it into a six-week, home study course that is affordable to absolutely anyone. (Imagine what it would cost if they did a course on success in college assuming they could get a millionaire to come in and teach it!)

I want you to understand that the principles in this book are so, so powerful, that one or two of them alone can just literally change your life. But it’s a process – it’s a framework that requires mastering it and applying it to create the change that you want. The Ultimate Success Formula is a framework, a systematic formula that takes you from where you are to where you truly desire to be. And I am talking about any area of your life, this is not just about business or success or creating more wealth or making more money, although that is the original intent that it was created for. I created this formula for myself initially to enable me to achieve the success and wealth I desired in business. It worked so well that I began to teach it to the other entrepreneurs in my marketing networks to help them achieve more success in their businesses and become financially free. I became a millionaire applying the formula and helped 100’s of others become millionaires too.

In the process I found that many other things were holding my people back emotionally, physically and psychologically. Dealing with those issues and being the eternal student that I am, I became an expert on motivation and personal development. I helped people lose weight, get in shape, improve their relationships, and become mentally and emotionally balanced. So this program is also about getting your ideal body, creating loving wonderful phenomenal relationships. It’s about having emotional freedom, having a positive mindset and living in happiness and joy most of the time. I know these are huge promises to make but the book delivers and this program Mastering the Success Formula was specifically created to go hand in hand with the book, expand it, magnify it exponentially and teach you how to master the strategies and techniques I teach in the book and I guarantee it will take you to a completely new level.

If you remember in the last video I told you that one of my unique gifts or super powers was the ability to synthesize, simplify and systemize complex concepts in a way that anyone could understand and apply. I also told you that it was the key to building the massive marketing networks of hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs that generated billons of dollars in sales revenues.

Well, what I left out is that I also have another unique gift or super power that was equally if not even more responsible for that level of success in helping others achieve their dreams. That super power is the ability to teach with such absolute conviction and total intention for my students to truly capture, comprehend and act on those powerful strategies- that they produce positive transformation in their lives at record speeds! That is why I am so absolutely confident that I can help you get the results you want in your life with my program!

So in this six-week program, I’ll give you access to a password protected membership area where I will literally take you by the hand and walk you thru, step by step demonstrating every strategy, technique, process and facet of THE ULTIMATE SUCCESS FORMULA. I’ll literally help you to transform your life, I will be your coach, I will be your mentor, I will take you by the hand and show you exactly how.

We’ll begin with gaining clarity, something that most people do not have. A lot of people say “Hey, I know what I want, I want to make more money, I want to lose 20 pounds, I want to have a better relationship with my spouse,” but the truth is… that’s not clear enough. You know where the juice in life comes from? You know where the passion in life comes from? It comes from clarity, it comes from knowing your purpose, it comes from knowing exactly what your point B is, what your ideal life is, it comes from having a clear dream that you are so in love with that it compels you to act on it with passion, that’s where the juice in life comes from and guess what! 99% of the people have no earthly idea.

I’ll teach you a process where I show you exactly how to gain that kind of clarity. Then I show you how to stop wishing and desiring and start intending and expecting, how to use the power of commitment which most people have no clue about how to master or how to use it effectively. I’ll coach you to take that power of commitment and turn a wish and desire into a full blown intention so you expect to get it and start attracting it immediately.

Then we go into everybody’s big issue – What’s blocking me? What’s stopping me? How come I keep on self-sabotaging? How come every time I start moving two steps forward, I move two or three steps back? What’s getting in the way? I’ll tell you up front it’s a limiting belief system or subconscious program or an emotional scar, or psychological trauma, it always is. Many times things happen to us so early in life when we were very young, we don’t consciously remember them, but we’ve got these fears lurking beneath the surface of our awareness. Later on in life they surface. In business they may surface as fear of rejection, fear of failure, or not being good enough. I will show you the most powerful, cutting edge strategies that work literally like magic to release those emotional scars and traumas and heal the psychological wounds. I’ll show you how to get rid of those fears. The fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of public speaking, I will demonstrate the processes, strategies and tactics that will literally put you in power to let go of whatever it is that’s blocking you and get rid of it once and for all.

Then I’ll actually show you how to reprogram you own mind!

That’s magical ladies and gentlemen, how do we program our own mind? You do it yourself, based upon your decisions, and based upon your dreams, your goals, your intentions, your likes and dislikes. Not somebody else’s. All you need is someone to show you how to do it. I will teach you the process to communicate effectively with your subconscious mind and get it to accept your new suggestions instead of rejecting them like it has been doing up to now, to transform your thinking and your results.

I’ll also show you how to hypnotize yourself. Would that be a valuable tool? I will teach you a step-by-step process anyone can learn that is so simple it will surprise you. I will demystify this powerful strategy that will give you the power to direct your own subconscious mind. Then I’ll teach you the secret of the ages. The most powerful secret that every mega-achiever in history, male or female has utilized in order to achieve what they desired… effortlessly!

Because you know what, achievement is automatic. The results you’re getting in your life right now, you’re getting them automatically based upon a certain mindset that has been programmed in you. You’re not struggling to get the results you currently have. You may say, but wait Carlos; I am struggling and sacrificing every day. And I’ll tell you that your not struggling to get those results, you’re struggling trying to get better results than you have with the same mindset that is producing the results you’re not happy with. If you want different results you’ve got to reprogram your own mindset to get the better results that you want. This stuff is way simpler than you can imagine right now but when I pull back the curtain and reveal these strategies to you your life will never be the same. You will consciously be in charge of your life, maybe for the first time in your ever!

Big promises? YES! But I guarantee you that I will deliver them… and I put my money where my mouth is with an unconditional guarantee.

Here’s the deal. In this six-week program you’re going to get literally the equivalent or two days of coaching with me. If you go to my website, you’ll see that I charge $2500 an hour or $20,000 a day for mentoring private clients. Two days of coaching with me would be $40,000. That’s one way to look at it but I’m not going to charge you anywhere near that. Another way to measure the value of this program that I’m delivering to you here is that it’s literally the synthesis of my big mega program, The Unlimited Success Academy™ which is $1,000 plus hotel, airfare and expenses. But don’t freak out I’m not going to charge you anywhere near that either.

I’m going to make it super easy and affordable for anyone to have this life-changing program. I’m doing it because I believe so strongly that this book will change tens of millions, even hundreds of millions of lives around the world. Plus I also know this upgraded companion program Mastering The Ultimate Success Formula will actually turbo-charge your results to an exponentially higher level. This will get so much word of mouth promotion on this book that it will go viral and make it a worldwide bestseller and a classic in the personal development world and that’s my commitment because the world needs this transformational training. Too many people with unlimited potential are suffering and living in lack, frustration, mediocrity and unhappiness.

Remember, here’s my promise; I’m going to take you by the hand, I’m going to walk you through, I’m going to teach you these principles and strategies so that you can master them. So that you can achieve total mastery of the Ultimate Success Formula and transform you life.

So go ahead, click on the “Get It Now!” button on this page. Let’s get started, I look forward to being your coach, your mentor and your friend and I’ll see you on the other side. God bless.


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